Meet our family

Julie Greenwald

Julie is the Jefferson Market's new proud owner. She loves her family and leads with her heart! Julie is the mother of 7  and grandmother to 9. She hopes that you enjoy this family friendly environment!

Roger Greenwald

Roger, owner of the Jefferson Market, also owns his own business, Lone Eagle Home Improvement and Repair. He works hard to bring your dreams into reality through renovations and repairs! 

Lone Eagle Home Improvement

Teri Baker

Teri (daughter) is the Assistant Manager. She has years of experience working in retail and moved to Jefferson, CO to help her family run the Jefferson Market. 

Lars Shriver

Lars moved to Jefferson, CO with Teri to help with the family business. He is an incredible cook inside the store and also enjoys working as a handyman in his spare time! 

Damien Baker

Damien is the best table washer/floor sweeper the Jefferson Market has ever had! He personally tests the TVs and board games to ensure they are ready for all our guests! 

Tiffany Baker

Tiffany is Damien's mother :) That's all.